Testing Services – Vehicle Hose Testing

Accurate and reliable automotive hose testing programs are vital to help ensure that your critical hoses, lines, connectors, and fluid systems will perform under the most demanding conditions.

Sterling Performance conducts hose testing on multiple applications such as Automotive, Marine, Recreation Vehicles, Military, Commercial, and Agricultural, including many forms of hose and material testing.

Whether you are testing completed parts, assemblies, components, sample materials, or specimens, we have the best staff of experienced engineers, technicians, and testing experts who are trained to evaluate a just about any product or material, including all forms of hoses.

There is almost no limit to the types of hose testing we can perform. We work with you to ensure the best testing to your needs, budget, and schedule, including design of experiments and research and development.

Click here for a list of Hose Tests we conduct.

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Other Services

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Complete Carbon Canister Testing using the guidelines set forth by EPA & CARB

Battery Testing

Cell & Pack Testing on all types of batteries

Hose Testing

All forms of hoses, assemblies, & connectors.

Pump Testing

Any Fuels or Fluids, Hydraulic oils, and water, Including cooling pumps for EV’s & PHEV’s.

Evaporative Emissions

Emissions testing utilizing SHED testing methods

Thermal Shock Testing

We can simulate virtually any environmental condition with our multiple thermal & humidity chambers.

Fuel System Components

Anything related to the fuel delivery system, pumps, injectors, lines, tanks, valves, fill pipes, rails.

Fluids Testing

From Coolants to solvents to oils, filters, hoses, & plastic parts.

Vibration Testing/NVH Testing

Vibration, shock, and acceleration testing can be done individually or in conjunction with temperature, pressure, flow.