Portable Fuel Container Testing

portable fuel container testing

Portable Fuel Container Testing – PFC – Gas Cans

Portable Fuel Container testing at Sterling Performance. We conduct Portable Fuel Container Tests to industry standard specifications such as EPA, CARB / OTC Standards, ASTM, as well as customer requirements and any custom testing as required. We work with you to test your Portable Fuel Containers.


Portable Fuel Container Testing - Tests Include (but not limited to):

  • ASTM Tests
  • CARB / OTC Standards
  • Emission Testing / Permeation Tests / Diurnal Tests / SHED
  • Preconditioning for Durability and Durability Tests
  • Pressure Cycling
  • UV Exposure
  • Slosh Testing
  • Spout Actuation and Inversion
  • Preconditioning and Fuel Soak
  • Temperature Soak

Other Portable Fuel Container Test Methods Include (but not limited to):

  • Test Method 501: Test Procedure for Determining Integrity of Spill-Proof Spouts and Spill-Proof Systems. This procedure is used to verify the performance of the automatic closure and leak free features.
  • Test Method 502: Test Procedure for Determining Diurnal Emissions of Portable Fuel Containers. This procedure is used to determine the diurnal emission rate
  • Test Method 510: Automatic Shut-Off Test Procedure For Spill-Proof Systems and Spill-Proof Spouts. Automatically closes and seals when removed from the target fuel tank and remains completely closed when not dispensing fuel.
  • Test Method 511: Automatic Closure Test Procedure For Spill-Proof Systems And Spill-Proof Spouts. Automatically closes and seals when removed from the target fuel tank and remains completely closed when not dispensing fuel.
  • Test Method 512: Determination Of Fuel Flow Rate For Spill-Proof Systems and Spill-Proof Spouts.
  • Test Method 513: Determination Of Permeation Rate For Spill-Proof Systems.

Whatever test you require, we are experts at fuel system testing and Portable Fuel Containers. At Sterling Performance, you get the most accurate testing with the best data. We don’t cut corners. In fact, you can actually watch your Portable Fuel Container testing from setup to finish if you wish. Stop by anytime to see your test in progress;
observe, ask questions, review data. We’re here to serve you with quality testing. We openly demonstrate your tests are done right. This applies to all testing at Sterling Performance.

You get timely test results, the most accurate and reliable data, and concise reports courtesy of our investment in state-of-the-art specialized test equipment, data acquisition, and custom software for testing Portable Fuel Containers, so we can provide you with the best testing, period.

Located in Milford, Michigan – Sterling Performance provides development, durability, and validation testing of fuel systems and components for automotive, marine, off-road, and industrial manufacturers and suppliers, as well as vibration, environmental, engine dynamometer service, and materials testing.

For more information or to request a quote, contact us today.

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