Testing Services – Thermal Shock Testing

Thermal Shock Testing

Thermal Shock Testing

Rapid product temperature changes thermally shock and stress products as a result of rapid changes from extreme cold to hot environments.

Thermal shock testing can detect and accelerate underlying product flaws or defects of the assembly, before the product reaches your customer.

Thermal Shock testing is designed for testing electrical, automotive, marine, recreation, off-road, and military components.

Sterling Performance can perform tailored Environmental Stress-Screening (ESS) of your components and assemblies. We conduct first class thermal shock testing experiments according to your requirements or can work with you to help devise thermal testing that is best for your product.

We Can Simulate Just About Any Environmental Factors or Conditions with our Multiple Test Chambers to Determine the Operating Limits of Your Parts:

  • Thermal Shock Testing
  • Thermal Cycling, Temperature Testing (-77 °C to 177 °C)
  • Soak Rooms
  • Pressure Cycling
  • Vacuum Cycling
  • Mechanical Shock and Vibration Testing
  • Slosh Testing
  • Permeation, Evaporative Emission, Helium Leak
  • Carbon Canister Testing – Load and Purge Cycles and Loads

We can even utilize Liquid Nitrogen for even colder temperatures and faster cold cycle temperature changes.

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