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Whether you want a reliable, gutsy, thrill-seeking engine for your pleasure boat or poker run, or you plan on winning world championships and setting records, Sterling Performance has an engine that’s sure to put a smile on your face and blow you away with fun and excitement as you motor past other boaters and the competition. See what our customers have to say.


Dear Mike,
Once again I wanted to thank you for building the most incredible set of motors for my 48’ MTI.  To date I have approximately 70 hours of trouble-free boating while running hard at very high speeds.

Your service and quality is awesome.  I could not ask for better service or a better product anywhere in the world.

Thanks again.  I appreciate all your time and effort and really appreciate you and Jeff coming down to Florida to take the time and get my motors dialed in on the water.  Sterling Performance has been a big part of making my boating experience awesome.

Michael Chera

Ed Rieskamp purchased 2009 47 Ft Fountain Lighting and specified staggered Sterling 1200HP EFI Motors. “I am very pleased with the performance of these motors and the personal touch from Mike D’Anniballe. We experienced a few minor problems with these engines but Mike D’Anniballe’s response to correct these problems was excellent. I
strongly recommend Sterling Motors and intend to purchase Sterling Motors for any future boat I might purchase.”

Ed Rieskamp

“Dear Mike, On behalf of the entire Bacardi Silver Offshore Race Team, I would like to ask that you express our appreciation to everyone at ‘Sterling’ for the dedication and effort they put into our engines. For over ten years now I have used your products to consistently set new speed records. This year’s Shootout was no exception with our 187 mph blast. Not bad for a piston powered – 10,000+lbs offshore boat. Thanks again Mike!”

W. David Scott

“Thank you for your continued loyalty, support, and dedication. It is JE Pistons’ honor to present you with the ‘Top Fifty Customer’ award for 2004 – Sterling Performance.”

JE Pistons

McMachen Marine Lake St. Clair Offshore Challenge, June 27-29, 2003 – Presented to Sterling Performance, “In appreciation for your support and dedication to MOPRA / LSCORA and Offshore Racing on Lake St. Clair, Michigan.

Mike Fiore of Outerlimits chose standard Sterling 1450 hp fuel injected engines for his record setting run in 2003, getting his 47’ GTX “Triple-X” over 161.29 mph. Mike says “the engines were perfect, they never let us down.” Mike says those same engines “ran at 11 poker runs in Triple-X as well – with no issues.”

Quoted in Extreme Boats Magazine, Volume 2, Issue #4, p.52

When your hobby is High Performance boating, safety and reliability are paramount. Equipment failure can not only ruin your boating experience, it can be dangerous. This is no place to rely on second rate equipment.

I’ve owned numerous Skaters over the last decade. After experiencing disappointments with other engine builders, I have been relying on Sterling Performance to power my boats. For the last 5 years Mike and the team at Sterling have put together the most reliable and efficient engine packages I have ever had. They not only produce “true stated horsepower”, I have had hundreds of hours of continuous and reliable operation without interruption.

You don’t own a Skater to putt-around the harbor. I challenge my equipment every time I launch my boat. Running with the lead pack at a poker run or hitting it hard on the open water, I have never had any downtime with my Sterling engines. Those minor issues which have arisen have been solved quickly and courteously by the Sterling staff.

Sometimes cheaper is far more expensive. I’ve learned the hard way that that applies to high performance engines. As long as I continue to blast across the water, my boats will be powered by Sterling’s.”

Garth Tagge

“… our success comes from a lot of factors, but we could not be were we are without Mike D’Anniballe and Sterling.”
John Tomlinson (Throttleman for Bacardi Silver) quoted in Extreme Boats Magazine, Volume 2, Issue #4, p.51

John Tomlinson

“To Sterling Performance – Great Motors!”

Dave Scott (owner / driver) and John Tomlinson (throttle man), Budweiser 2002 Skater Catamaran, twin 1300 hp Sterling supercharged V8 engines.

“Thanks for your support”

Saeed H. ALTaye – Victory Team, UIM Class One World Champions 1996

“Sterling Performance was instrumental in the success of the Victory team.”

Randy Scism quoted in Extreme Boats Magazine, Volume 2, Issue #4, p.51

“Mike and Staff at Sterling – Thank you for your great engines.” National Champions Kilo Record 6 out of 8 wins.

Pat Patel In Contempt M-13

My name is Jeff Todd. In 2006 I bought a new boat with a pair of Sterlings – 1550 hp each. When I purchased these engines I was worried about doing something wrong to hurt them. Mike D’Anniballe of Sterling Performance assured me that if I used good fuel I’d be Ok. He also gave me his personal cell phone #. I know I’ve called him at least 50 times over the years and he always answered my calls. He even took my call at 2:00 am when he was in another country.

Mike has proven to me he is a man of his word and is very willing to make sure his customers are taken care of. He builds a very good product. I had a few warranty claims and he took care of them very quickly. I have never seen a company that is that dedicated to his customers. I rate him & his business above & beyond all others I’ve ever dealt with.

You are welcome to email me any time if you would like to know more about my experience with Sterling at and I will be glad to chat with you.

Thanks Mike for your kindness & willingness to help at all hours of the day & night.

Jeff Todd

“Dear Mike, It was great seeing you again at the Budweiser Lake Rescue Shoot Out. I want to personally congratulate you and your team on continually producing the quality and winning piston engines for the off-shoring racing circuit. Mike, I wish you and your family continued success and safety always

August A. Busch IV

“Mike, Thank you for the most reliable HP in racing. Your support and technology make the difference”. David Knight – 2007 World Champions – Super Vee Unlimited – Fountain Shogren 76. Driver: Mike Seebold, Throttle: David Knight, Team Coach: Reggie Fountain.

David Knight

“In sincere appreciation for your help and support”


“Sterling – We would not be here w/o your ongoing help!”

Cat Can Do M-19 Key West Offshore 98’ World Champions – Keith Holmes (Driver), Jerry Glovek (Throttleman)

“To Mike and all the guys at Sterling Performance, we’re proud to be part of your ’95 Championship success.”

Matt Alcone, Jerry Gilbreath – Key West Superboat 1995 World Champions

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