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racing engine industry links

Racing engines industry links –  We proudly supply engines for installations and record setting boats for MTI, Fountain Performance Marine, Cigarette, Outer Limits, Sonic and Nortech.

Sterling Performance has become the leader and “gold standard” in High Performance Engines with numerous World Championships and the Highest Official World Record Kilo Speed – 202.9 mph!

This experience, most pronounced in professional motor sport engine building, assures high visibility and opportunity within the marketplace to continue to lead and innovate; producing the hallmark of our reputation as the finest, fastest, most reliable engines money can buy. check out racing engines industry links.

industry1 PokerRunAmerica
industry2 Superboat
industry4 TNT
industry5 Skater
industry16 fountain power boats
industry7 Bullock
industry8 Nauti Marine
industry9 Vortech
industry10 MTI
industry11 SeriousOffshore
industry14 OffshoreOnly
industry13 UIM
industry15 FLpowerboat

Racing Engine industry Links

Racing Engines Industry Links – Whether you’re looking for a naturally aspirated, supercharged, turbocharged, or fuel injected engine, or simply don’t know for sure, we can help align the right engine setup to your needs and expectations.

Additionally, more and more boaters are coming to us to rebuild competitor engines. Many customers went elsewhere being led to believe they were getting a deal, only to find the engines they received either didn’t make the horsepower claim, or couldn’t do it reliably. We totally understand. We pride ourselves on our reputation that the engines we build make our advertised horsepower, and do it reliably. We stand behind our engines.

So if you’ve found your competitor engines weren’t all they were cracked up to be, don’t worry. If that happened to you, we can help. We will gladly rebuild your engines and do it right, giving them our Sterling touch. This can be more cost-effective than getting new engines.

If you want the fastest, most reliable engines, built right, that make the advertised horsepower you paid for, then you want Sterling Performance engines. How do we achieve this?

Every engine part is carefully inspected and fine-tuned before going into one of your engines. We reject a lot of parts other engine builders would use because they don’t meet our exacting standards for reliability.

We go the extra mile to ensure all our engines, competition or pleasure, get the same attention to detail that is the hallmark of the success know world wide as Sterling engines.