Our Customers

Our customers include champions such as Bacardi Silver, Bud Light, Bud Select, Budweiser, Qatar 95, Reliable Carriers, Talk ‘N Trash, Drambuie On Ice, Negotiator, Shogren 76, BTM Marine, and many more.

We also provide poker run and pleasure boat engines to a large portion of new Douglas Marine Skaters being built along with Outer Limits, Cigarette, Fountain, MTI, Sonic and Nortech.

We sincerely appreciate all our pleasure boat customers. There are too many to list by name here. Check out our standard pleasure boat engine packages.

Sterling Performance has had and continues to have a clientele second to none; Lucas Oil, Fendi, Global Warmer, Warpaint, Monster, Nichols Offshore, TNT Custom Marine, Pair-A-Dice, Pro Marine, Panasonic Hard Rock Casino V-15, Popeye, Snack Attack, Outlerlimits 47′ GTX “Triple-X”, DeSantis Chevrolet, Tommy Bahama, Montano Hartmann, “All In”, Planet Man, Don Q Cristal, Carlos and Charlie, Zero Defect, Out of Bounds, Dramamine, Nemschoff Motorsports, Heavy Metal, Jawana, Alcone Motorsports, In-Contempt, Restore, Victory Team, CK Motorsports, Ragamuffin, Extreme, Hydrogenmedia, Cat Can Do, etc. – All have been associated with Sterling Performance, Inc.

We are very proud to be associated with these people and to provide them with the best engines available.