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Engineered for Power, Performance, and Reliability

Customers like you come to us because you’re passionate about racing and you expect to win. You’re highly selective when it comes to your engines. You demand the best. That’s why our high performance engines consistently outperform the competition and our customers win so many championships and set so many world speed records… because we are dedicated to working together with you to set the highest quality standards that deliver the finest marine high performance engine packages that racers with high standards come to expect.

Sterling Performance is the leader in High Performance Engines with numerous World Championships and the Highest Official World Record Kilo Speed – 202.9 mph!

High Performance Engines – The Sterling Performance way!

The legendary power and reliability of a Sterling Racing Engine is best known to those handling the throttle as they cherish the seemingly endless white-knuckled power pouring out of these award winning motors.

Everyone knows Sterling engines make max horsepower with long run times.

Becoming the best in the business and “the gold standard” is a reputation we’ve earned. Our expertise and attention to detail is second to none because we demand excellence. We go the extra mile to deliver you the finest engine you can buy and ensure your satisfaction.

Engine Torque Block Race Approved*
1700 hp Twin Turbo 1500 ft/lbs 557 CID
1550 hp (race fuel only) 1350 ft/lbs 557 CID
1150 hp 1100 ft/lbs 557 CID
1200 hp 1200 ft/lbs 635 CID
1075 hp 985 ft/lbs 557 CID
950 hp 950 ft/lbs 572 CID
825 hp 800 ft/lbs 572 CID
750 hp (fuel saving) 625 ft/lbs 588 CID

*Engines approved for Super Boat, OSS, OPA and Class 1 racing series

Your engines thoroughly tested for your assurance by the best engine staff in the business:

  • You get meticulous inspection, preparation, and attention to detail on every engine part prior to assembly and onsite dynamometer testing. We reject a lot of parts other engine builders would use because they don’t meet our exacting standards for reliability.
  • Your engine is properly broke in. We take the engine, cams, and parts through a proper break-in period so you know its done right for you by our engine professionals.
  • You get the actual advertised horsepower you expect and paid for. We verify Power and Torque. We make our advertised horsepower.
  • Verify Engine Calibration and Performance so your engine is dialed in and ready to run.
  • Ensure Leak Free. Nobody like surprises, so we test everything so you can depend on your engines.
  • Adjusted and Fine Tuned. One last tweak in our continued attention to detail to give you the reliable engines you expect. They don’t say Sterling Performance for nothing.
  • All our Sterling Performance engines are recorded and tracked to ensure they are the real-deal. We document our engines to verify authenticity and ensure no posers or hoax engines attempt to pass themselves off as the real leader. You can’t fake a Sterling Performance engine. There are no short cuts to being the best.

Availability is dependent on current work loads. Winter months are the best, we can build an engine for you within one month from the time you place the order. However, expect a two to three month delay during peak season time, Spring, Summer, and Fall.

high performance engines