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Fuel System Testing Lab

Trust the leading fuel testing lab and research laboratory

Sterling Performance is a fuel testing lab specifically equipped to address all your fuel testing and qualification needs, regardless of industry.

Testing is done according to standard and customer specific protocols; including EPA and CARB. We work with you to ensure the best and most appropriate tests are performed so your results and product testing are done right. We are an EPA recognized laboratory and regularly attend EPA board meetings.

Customer satisfaction is number 1 with Sterling Performance fuel testing lab! We pride ourselves on attention to detail, and ensuring that customer needs are met in a timely fashion. While performing your custom fuel test, customers will have full access to Sterling Performance engineers reviewing every step of the process as needed,

Below is a partial list of fuels we test. If you do not see a specific fuel listed call us; we either have it or can get it. Most fuels in-stock for quick response time!


Fuel Lab Test Services

Sterling Performance can provide a comprehensive range of Fuel testing services to address your Fuel testing needs.

Some of the Fuel tests we provide are:

  • LPG, Gas, CNG, Diesel
  • fuel component testing
  • fuel injector testing / injection system testing
  • Automotive OEM
  • Marine
  • Off-Road
  • Small Engine

Blending Fuels

We can also blend fuels to what you need. Call us at 248-685-7811.

Other Services

Carbon canister testing

Complete Carbon Canister Testing using the guidelines set forth by EPA & CARB

Battery Testing

Battery Cell Testing, Battery Pack Testing on all types of batteries, including EV battery testing.

Hose Testing

All forms of hoses, assemblies, & connectors. Fuel hose testing, coolant hose testing, fluid hose testing, automotive hose testing.

Pump Testing

Any Fuels or Fluids, Hydraulic oils, and water, Including EV cooling pump testing for EV’s & PHEV’s.

Evaporative Emissions

Evaporative emissions testing utilizing SHED testing methods.

Thermal Shock Testing

We can simulate virtually any environmental condition with our multiple thermal & humidity chambers.

Fuel System Components

Anything related to the fuel delivery system, pumps, injectors, lines, tanks, valves, fill pipes, rails.

Fluids Testing

From Coolants to solvents to oils, filters, hoses, & plastic parts.

Vibration Testing/NVH Testing

Vibration, shock, and acceleration testing can be done individually or in conjunction with temperature, pressure, flow.