Testing Services – Permeation Testing

Fuel Evaporative Emission Testing


Sterling Performance Testing Service provides fuel system evaporative emission testing utilizing Sealed Housing for Evaporative Emission Determination (SHED) testing methods.

Our team performs a wide variety of evaporative emission tests, from short isothermal SHED evaluations to 72-hour diurnal procedures. All SHED tests are automated and carefully controlled to maintain conformity to regulated temperature profiles.

We have several SHED sizes that can accommodate a range of components, including fuel tanks, engines and complete fuel system evaluations, as well as fill necks, fill caps, canisters and tank dress components.

We test individual components and entire fuel systems. Even full size vehicle bucks can be evaluated for evaporative emissions. We work with clients to develop appropriate evaporative emission-testing protocols and test to customer requirements.

Permeation Testing Experts

We are trained in handling components for evaporative emission testing so you can have confidence that your parts are not contaminated with outside hydrocarbons. When it comes to evaporative emissions, permeability and testing hydrocarbons, we help customers by testing permeation on a per part basis and knowing the best way to test components vs. the system.

Components tested individually get highly accurate results per piece, so you can identify which parts were out of specification, if any. This way you don’t have to scrap an entire batch or design if you had just one bad part.

Recognized by the EPA

The quality, reliability, and repeatability of our data has allowed us to test for and be recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency for Evaporative Emission Testing.

For more information about our Evaporative Emissions testing services, or to request a quote, contact us today.

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